Drip irrigation kits

Nourish your farm with a drip irigation kit.

Our drip irrigation kits are designed to provide a durable space to grow your vegetables, flowers and fruits all year round.

The bigger the drip kit, the less the cost.

Installation for your drip kit

Delivery and Installation
  • Transport of the materials has not been included since it varies depending on the site of construction. This will be determined on provide the location.
  • The above costs exclude casual laborers to assist our technician during construction due to the vary-ing manday rates all over the country.
  • A pre-site survey for prospective clients is recom-mended for soil sample collection (CROPNUTS soil test) and site evaluation (gradient, size, topology and location).
Installation Requirements

Please note that you’ll be required to provide the following materials on site:

  • Sand, cement and ballast based on the structure chosen.
  • Have at least 4 casual workers/laborers required on site.
  • Have basic equipments such as; spade, mattock, wheelbarrows, taribo or digging hoe(s) and a ladder of 3M high – Tri stands
  • Materials for constructing the tank tower/stand e.g. strong poles/timber to make the stand & platform where the tank will be placed.

Technicians' Hand Tools & Welfare

Tools that come with the technician such as; tape measures, spanners, painting roller, knives are Synnefa property.

The technicians’ welfare costs are taken care of by Synnefa including transport, accommodation and meals. No arrangements other than those known to Synnefa should a client engage in with Synnefa staff.

The drip irrigation kit comes with:

  • Drip lines.
  • Irrigation fittings
  • Connectors.
  • Water filter
  • P.E pipe
  • Endlines
  • Water tank (Varies with each size).
  • Technical installation costs