Smart Greenhouses made for Efficient Farming

Its more than just buying a Greenhouse

Receiving a Synnefa greenhouse is a partnership to ensure we provide farming solutions that are aimed at enhancing your  ability to succeed and grow. When you grow, you buy more greenhouses from us and we grow together. Speak to a consultant and order your greenhouse today!

What makes our Greenhouses different.

Latest Designs

Our greenhouses conform to global standards and are improved on a yearly basis by our engineering team to ensure up to date structures and designs are released to the market.


Our greenhouses are fabricated with high quality materials to optimise for durability, giving you many years of rust free structures with longer use polycovers.

Advanced technology

Our solar powered sensors help our farmers reduce their work load while increasing their yield by up to 30% and reducing water usage by up to 60%.

Variety of sizes

we customize our greenhouses to your budget. From as small as 20 sq.m to as large as 2,000 sq.m, to meet the needs and budget of your agri-venture.


Our technical team conduct a pre-site survey to plan for any eventuality to ensure on-time delivery.

2 day delivery

From the date of confirmation of the order with a contract shared with you to govern us and ensure this commitment is fulfilled.


Our greenhouse are designed to adapt to a wide range of scenarios which allows farmers to expand their production according to their needs.

Easy operation & maintenance

Easy enough to use for anyone to perform daily activities, while we handle long term maintenance for you.

Trust the step by step process and get your Greenhouse today

1. Site inspection (pre-site survey)
Before we build your greenhouse, our team will assess the site and check on the land topology, access to the farm, presence of any vegetation which could affect the greenhouse and also collect soil samples for us to perform two tests:

a) Soil Mineral Test

This test shows the mineral composition in your soil and will inform our agronomist on what fertilizer will be suitable for your soil.

b) Soil Pathological Test

This test will show if your soil has any bacterial or fungal infection thatwould affect the production of your crops and will inform our agronomist on what treatments to use to cure the soil.
Once we receive your soil test results, our agronomist will call you to interpret the results for you and email a detailed recommendation report. Based on the size you will have selected, we will share an estimate inclusive of transportation to site to you.
2. Greenhouse Construction
Once we receive your payment, our team will share a delivery schedule with the date we will be on the farm and when the assigned technician to do the installation. Materials are then delivered and construction commences. Once complete, we require you to sign a site completion sheet indicating that the works were completed to your satisfaction.

If your mandate for us was simply greenhouse construction, then our process ends here. However, if you would like us to provide farmer training and support services, our process continues below;
3. Transplanting
Based on the crop you want to grow, our team will deliver the seedlings after land preparation has been completed.

We ensure that our agronomist is present during this period to ensure you achieve 100% germination rate.
4. Agronomic Support
We visit our farmers every 2 weeks to train them on how to grow crops inside a greenhouse as well as advise on good agricultural practices that enable you to achieve maximum yields.
5. Market Linkage
It is crucial that our farmers access markets in order to return their investment in greenhouse farming. We have market providers that we have partnered with across the country to provide a market for the crops you grow.At the moment, we have demand for tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers. However, based on the location of the farm, we do advise on the crop that has a greater demand in that region.

All our Smart Greenhouse prices include the following items:

  • Galvanised Metallic Structure made with 1.5mm thickness metallic pipes of diameter 25mm, 32mm and 42mm.
    Untreated Wooden Structure made with 4-5 inches diameter poles. For areas infested with termites, we recommend our Galvanised Metallic Structures.
  • Greenhouse Polyethene of 1.5 gauge.
  • Polyethene Locking frames.
  • Polyethene Zig-Zag wires.
  • Entry Porch- secures your greenhouse during entry by workers.
  • Roll up side ventilation with insect net to control internal temperature and block insects and pests from getting into the greenhouse.
  • Technical Installation Costs.
  • ADD ONS: Our dynamic pricing calculator enables you to add items you need in your greenhouse such as a complete drip irrigation system, overhead crop trellising systems, crop insurance against uncontrollable pests and diseases, water tanks for your water storage, farmer training and agronomic support for your farm workers and our smart irrigation system-FarmShield.

We only require that you provide us with casual labourers who will be guided by our technicians during installation of the greenhouse, and cement, sand and ballast to be used on the foundation of your greenhouse.

We customize our greenhouses based on your budget. Use our pricing calculator below to get an estimate of how much your greenhouse will cost with add ons & get to see your projected income increase when you add on FarmShield to manage your farm!

Smart Greenhouse Price Calculator
Total price
365 000
Original price: KSh
Total Plants
(4 Plants Per Sq.M)
Average Projected Income
From Your Greenhouse Per Season.*

*Our Projected Income is based on growing Red or Yellow Capsicums supplied to our Buyers via FarmCloud Marketplace

*Add a FarmShield and see your Projected Income Increase by up to 30%!
Add ons
+FarmShield lite package
+Water tank
+Drip irrigation kit
+Farmers kit
+Crop insurance+Farm advisory
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