‍Herbs for Export

Horticultural Exports are quickly growing in Kenya and we assist farmers with the infrastructure needed to ensure you grow any of the below herbs for export:

Basil Leaves (Greenhouse Crop)

Chives (Greenhouse Crop)

Mint Leaves (Outdoor crop)

Rosemary leaves (Outdoor crop)

Corriander (Outdoor crop)

Sage (Outdoor crop)

Thyme (Outdoor crop)

Parsley (Outdoor crop)

Tarragon (Outdoor crop)

Oregano (Outdoor crop)

Greenhouse crops: These are herbs that can only be grown in a greenhouse.

Outdoor crops: These are herbs that can be grown outside natural weather under sprinkler or drip irrigation.


We closely work with GlobalGAP Certified Auditors to ensure our greenhouses conform to international standards of producing and growing healthy herbs for human consumption.

Crop export requirements

If you want to venture into exports, there are certain needs that need to be met before you can be cleared to export:

  1. A minimum of 5 Greenhouses constructed in the farm of dimension 8M by 30M and at least 1 acre of outdoor irrigation.
  2. Water tanks with a capacity of about 10,000Litres
  3. There should be a presence of a sorting and packing house.
  4. A cold room to refrigerate the produce before departure to JKIA.
  5. Fertiliser and chemical store
  6. Washrooms for both male and females
  7. Small office and store.
  8. Global GAP Certification
  9. HCD Export Licence
  10. Signed Market Supply Framework with your buyer

Our team specialises in ensuring you have the required infastructure in your farm to get certified and export to your client. Although we only provide youthe greenhouses and drip irrigation kits, we have partners that provide the other items in order to simplify the process for you.