A comprehensive farming tool to optimise your farms performance

Your entire farm at your fingertips

With FarmShield™ you can remotely control your farm from your mobile phone and dashboard while getting real-time information on fertigation and irrigation needs for your crop.

It’s really easy to use! Just speak to a consultant and order your FarmShield™, we deliver, install and set up your cloud access to allow you manage your farm from our app, web portal or even USSD platform.

FarmShields unique monitoring system gives you real time feedback

The FarmShield™ is the brain of the farm and shields the farm from any adverse conditions. It combines data from our trademarked  FarmSpears, and checks if anything has exceeded the required levels in the farm and if so, takes the necessary action to correct it.

How is FarmShield changing the way we grow produce

“My recommendation to other farmers is to apply the Synnefa technology which shall see them go far in terms of production, quantity, and quality.”

Make the smart decision and access the full benefits of FarmShield

The FarmShield™ makes smart decisions on the farm such as:

Opening and closing the irrigation system to let water flow into the farm if the soil moisture sensors report low soil moisture levels.

Actuating on greenhouse fans to evacuate humidity in the greenhouse if the air humidity sensors report high humidity levels.

Opening and closing of the greenhouse side ventilation if the air temperature sensor reports high-temperature levels.

Timely alerts on low or high levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in the soil.

Upgrade your Farm today

Optimise your farm today with FarmShield's unique range of features.

NPK Nutrient Sensor
(Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)
Soil Moisture and
Soil Temperature Sensors
Air Temperature and Air
Humidity Sensors
Light Intensity
Water flow meter to monitor irrigation
Solar Panel and

FarmShield connects to FarmCloud for the complete farm management experience.

The data sent to the cloud by the FarmShield™ is stored, analysed and displayed on our dashboard which farmers interact with to provide information. The dashboard displays real-time information of your farm to the second and is accessible by our app, web portal or USSD.

The dashboard is a complete turnkey system with tiles on managing your FarmShield™ device, placing orders for farm inputs, ordering trucks to collect your harvests to even raising invoices for payment by your customers. Some of our beta pilot farmers call it; “the complete farming management portal”

Why did we decide to build FarmShield™?

95% of our farmers had major challenges controlling their greenhouse conditions and irrigation systems like drip and sprinkler on their open farms. We found that sensors would help farmers to automate some of these processes. However, when we tried ordering some existing solutions, there were some major setbacks:

High cost of existing solutions
Low 3G/4G/WiFi connectivity in rural areas
Lack of electricity in rural areas

It was clear that we had to build our solution from the ground up with constant feedback from smallholder farmers on what they needed most and could afford.

Choose a FarmShield package that is suited to your needs and budget

We recognise that our farmers are at different stages in their journey towards achieving their success goals. That’s why we’ve created different one-off plans for you to use FarmShield™ software and sensors to monitor your greenhouses & farms 24/7 at the stage you’re in.
Automatic open and closing of water valve based on time/amount of water flowing
Data on amount of water irrigated from Flow meter sensor
Set and get alerts on parameters exceeded based on sensor connected
Automatic open and closing of water valve based on soil moisture sensor readings
Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor to monitor crop environment
1 Sensor
1 Sensor
1 Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor - EC5 to monitor water needed for crops
1 Sensor
1 Sensor
2 Sensor
Light Intensity Sensor
1 Sensor
1 Sensor
1 Sensor
CO2 Sensor to monitor Photosynthesis
1 Sensor
1 Sensor
NPK Sensor to measure amounts of fertiliser needed
1 Sensor
SMS, Email and App alerts
Cloud Access to view data via 2G/3G/4G
Solar Panel for power
Free farm delivery, Installation and configuration

Buying your FarmShield starts with picking up the phone!

Get your Synnefa product by filling out your pre-site survey or if you’re still not convinced speak to one of our consultants.