Screenhouses built for your needs

BSF farming is more than ordering a screenhouse and setting it up on your farm.

To us buying a screenhouse is a partnership to ensure we provide farming solutions to ensure you succeed and grow. When you grow, you buy more structures from us and that allows us to grow as well. Speak to a consultant and order your Screenhouse today!

How to get yours

1. Site inspection (pre-site survey)

A spacing of 30cm or 60cm can be used for the following plants; tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum just to name a few. The following table shows the number of plants that each of our net houses can accommodate

2. Structure construction

Once we receive your payment, our team will share a delivery schedule detailing the date we will be on the farm and the assigned technician to do the installation. Materials are then delivered and construction commences. Once complete, we require you to sign a site completion sheet indicating that the works were completed to your satisfaction.

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What makes our Screen houses different.

Latest Designs

Our Screenhouses conform to global standards and are improved on a yearly basis by our engineering team to ensure up to date structures and designs are released to the market.


Our Screenhouses are fabricated with high quality materials to optimisie for durability, giving you up to 15 years of rust guarantee and up to 3 years polycover guarantees on certain componants.

Advanced technology

Our solar powered sensors help our farmers reduce their work load while increasing their yield by up to 30% and reducing water usage by up to 60%.

Variety of sizes

From as small as 60 sq.m to as large as 2000sq.m, to meet the needs and budget of your farm.


Our technical team conduct a pre-site survey to plan for any eventuality to ensure on-time delivery.

2 day delivery

From the date of confirmation of the order with a contract shared with you to govern us and ensure this commitment is fulfilled.


Our Screenhouses are designed to adapt to a wide range of scenarios which allows farmers to expand their production according to their needs.

Easy operation & maintenance

Easy enough to use for anyone to perform daily activities, while we handle long term maintenance for you.

Prices of our metallic screenhouses for production of black soldier flies

KSh 154,000
KSh 462,000
KSh 739,200
KSh 924,000

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